Monthly Archive March 2020

Introduction of New tour plan ” Iwami Kagura” and the roots of Tatara iron making”

In correspondence to the business of the Japan Tourism Agency “ Visit Japan Global Campaign in 2019”, new Stay-type contents for foreign traveler was jointly developed by Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.,ltd., and Matsue-Works. The theme is “Iwami Kagura” and the roots of iron, “Tatara” and the 4 different courses are prepared.  It will be able to purchase on the Kinki Nippon Tourist website “YOKOSOJAPAN“ in April. Please check the URL below for the details.


(1)【Departs from Yonago】 Limited tour dates! Depart on May 22: Japanese Sword Quick-draw Technique Demonstration and Tatara Furnace Operation Experience 3 Days


(2)【Departs from Yonago】 Feel the culture of Tatara iron making and Japanese farm life with farmhouse lodging.  3 Days


(3)【Departs from Izumo】 Featuring Iwami Kagura, ritual dance performance and overnight glamping in  the woods.  3 Days


(4)【Departs from Izumo】 Fully enjoy the Iwami Kagura, ritual dance performance and explore Tsuwano, Yamaguchi, a traditional town of Edo era.  3 Days