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Thoughts on Shimane (in place of greetings)

Shimane Prefecture, which consists of Izumo’s country in the east and Iwami’s country in the west, is also called the Kingdom of the Kingdom, and is lined with Yamato and Kyushu, continuing from the mythological era written in Kojiki, Nihon Shoki, and Izumo Kokubun-style. It is a historically important land. Having moved from the Tokyo metropolitan area as a member of the Matsue City area revitalization team in 2016, I am fascinated by the culture of this area, where the mythical world still lives in, and which still retains the Japanese image that is disappearing It was done.

It is essential to produce Japanese swords that have continued since ancient times, such as Tara iron steel, called Iwako, Iwami Ginzan that supported the economy of the Edo period, a number of traditional crafts developed along with those industries, Izumo mythology and its origin From traditional performing arts such as Iwami Kagura, to samurai culture that remains in Matsue, and folk art movement in the Meiji era, Shimane is a place that should be called Japan’s origin.
We have established Matsue-Works under such a desire to introduce many people through the tourism to introduce the traditional Japanese culture and tradition that remains in this place, which is not yet known in the world, through tourism.
We would like to communicate with people who want to share Shimane’s culture both inside and outside Japan, with the same idea. Please feel free to ask.



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